Search Engine Optimization Services

Organic and realistic (SEO) search engine optimization services that deliver long-term benefits and trusted results

Search Engine Optimization Services

Let’s improve your
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What’s the use of your website if no one can find it on the web? All websites complete for online visibility and traffic and search engines rank websites based on relevance, authority, popularity, and user experience.

Let’s optimize your website so that you’ll be organically searchable, compliant with the different guidelines set by search engines, and truly improve your website’s performance and ranking, with real long-term benefits.

On-Page Optimization

Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags optimization include:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Authorship Markup
  • Social Meta Tags
  • Opengraph Tags
  • Schema Markup
  • Robots

Keywords Optimization

Keywords optimization includes:

  • Focus Keyword Research
  • Keyword Relevance
  • Keyword Competitive Index
  • Keywords Frequency and Occurrence
  • Keywords Density and Visibility

Links and Images Tags

Links Tags includes:

  • Link Tags
  • Link Title Attribute
  • Link Text / Image
  • Links Check (inbound, outbound, and broken links)

Images Tags includes:

  • Image Tags
  • Image ALT Attribute
  • Image Title Attribute
  • Image Link Check (broken links)

Sitemap Submission

Sitemap submission includes:

  • Sitemap Generation
  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Sitemap Submission for Indexing

Content Optimization

Content Quality

Content quality include:

  • Readability (Flesch Score)
  • Relevance
  • Copy-Editing
  • Grammar and Typos
  • Keywords use and distribution
  • Duplicate Check

Headings and Semantic Tags

Headings and semantic tags include:

  • Heading Tags
  • Heading Structure
  • Semantic Tags
  • Semantic Structure

HTML and CSS Tags

HTML and CSS tags include:

  • HTML Tags
  • HTML Structure
  • Style Cleanup (export to CSS)
  • CSS Tags
  • CSS Structure

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO includes:

  • Mobile version
  • Meta Viewport for Device-Width
  • Appearance Check (content size to viewport)

Speed and Performance

Page Speed Analysis

Page speed analysis includes:

  • Server Response Time
  • Desktop Load Speed
  • Mobile Load Speed

Browser Caching

Browser caching includes:

  • Cacheable Resources Expiry Date or a Maximum Age
  • Browser Caching Plugin Setup

File Minification

File minification includes:

  • HTML Files
  • CSS Files
  • JavaScript Files

Image Minification

Image minification includes:

  • Image Size
  • Image Formatting
  • Image Compression

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