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Content Writing Services

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Your website shouldn’t be just nice to look at. It should have well-written, optimized, engaging, and relevant content to go with it. As they say, “Content is King”, and with the direction that the web is headed, it’s clear that it’ll continue to rule the internet universe for a very long time.

Let’s publish awesome articles that will drive traffic and transform your website into a regular hangout spot for readers. Nothing attracts search engine’s attention more than great content writing, after all.

Content Organization

Strategy Development

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Resources and Requirements
  • Online Identity Development

Team Development

  • Editorial Team
  • Team Roles
  • CMS Roles
  • Task and Task Audit

Workflow Development

  • Editorial Cycle
  • Workflow Mapping
  • CMS Work Process

Content Planning

  • Content Direction
  • Content Plan
  • Content Calendar
  • Grammar and Style Guide

Content Creation

Keyword and Title

  • Keyword Research
  • Title Research
  • Heading Research

Content Writing

  • Content Research
  • Authoring
  • Content Optimization

Image Sourcing

  • Finding an Image
  • Image Modification
  • Image Optimization

Content Publishing

  • Editing
  • Proof Reading
  • Fact Checking
  • Publishing

Content Management

Content Repositories

  • Storage
  • File System
  • Database
  • Documents and Records
  • Images and Multimedia
  • Legacy Systems


  • Version Control
  • Checkin-CheckoutTemplates
  • Reuse
  • Rollback

Archive and Retire

  • Knowledge Base
  • Retention
  • Preservation
  • Destruction

Reporting and Analytics

  • Post Engagement and Performance
  • Keyword Performance
  • Post Ranking

Content Manager

I’m working with a highly-experienced content manager and editor to ensure content quality and editorial effectiveness.

Content Writing Editor Joseph Nacino

Joseph Nacino
Content Manager and Editor

Joseph has created and managed various types of content for different companies, ranging from online gambling sites to real estate. From online media, he moved on to writing and editing online copy and content for different websites, and helping set up a number of informative blogs and websites. He has also written a number of print articles for magazines and educational digests.

He currently works at a government agency writing and editing press releases, as well as doing issue-management.

More than 15 years experience in writing and editorial:

  • News writing
  • Reviews
  • Features
  • Fiction
  • Creative content
  • Blogs

Worked as writer, editor, and/or content manager for:

  • Department of Budget (Public Information Unit)
  • ZipMatch
  • Novenix Corporation
  • MegaTeam Corporation
  • CNETAsia (Singapore)
  • KestrelDDM
  • HWM Philippines Magazine
  • Manila Times
  • Arthur Andersen, Inc.

Contributed articles to various print and online publications:

  • Status Magazine
  • The Philippine Online Chronicles website
  • Diwa Asia Publishing Group
  • Vault Magazine
  • Security Matters Magazine
  • FHM
  • Monday Magazine
  • Fudge Magazine

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