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Hi. I’m Wyxie. I’m a web specialist available for freelance web projects.

All-In-One or Per Service Online Services

Whether you need an end-to-end online services package or just a service to enhance your existing website, I can provide you with personalized and affordable solutions.

WP Website

Capture the right online identity and build a strong online presence

Layout, Design, and UI/UX
Development and Coding
SEO and Social Integration
WP Content Management System


Comply with internet and search engine standards and guidelines

On-Page Optimization
Content Optimization
Social Media Integration

Social Media

Reach your target audience and increase website traffic

Social Media Account Creation
Social Media Planning
Social Media Management
Website Integration


Boost your online presence and build lasting relationships

Content Creation
Content Planning
Content Management
Content Optimization

Website Development with FREE SEO and SOCIAL

Let me develop your website with SEO and Social Media services at no extra cost.

Website Development

Responsive Design
User-Friendly Layout
Clean Coding
Image Modification
Content Management System

On-Page SEO

Meta tags optimization
Keywords optimization
Links optimization
Image optimization
Sitemap submission

Social Media

Social media Account setup
Profile customization
Integration to website
Like and Share buttons
Automatic posting from website

Web Development Online Services

Other Website and Online Services

Already have a website, but want it enhanced or updated? Here are other PER SERVICE options that focus on improving the quality of your website.

Page Speed Optimization

Analysis and Recommendations
Browser Caching
File Minification
Image Minification

Content Optimization

Meta and Keywording
Heading and Format
Copy Editing
Links and Images


Shop Page
Shop Items
Check Out and Payment System
Order Management System

Update and Maintenance

System Upgrade
System and Plugins Updates
Bug Fixing
Site Backup

Recent Works

Check out some of my projects and let me know which ones are aligned to what you want for your website and what online services you’d like to start with.

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Not just another online services provider!

You may find cheap website developers, but then you’d have to hire another online services provider to clean up the low-quality, pre-packaged, and SEO-unfriendly website you end up stuck with.

Let me develop your website so you can get affordable integrated premium online services that will boost your business and save you time and money.